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Often, we will have a wine that is so exceptional that it deserves its own place in our line-up. At the moment, there is just one such notable wine...

Cartagène Ambrée

Cartagène is type of wine known as a mistelle, or vin de liqueur, which is produced by adding alcohol to unfermented grape juice. For our ambrée, the Carignan is picked at the same maturity as for a red wine, but the fruit pressed to produce a rosé coloured juice. Alcohol is added to keep the juice from fermenting and it's aged in tanks for up to two years prior to be bottled.


The wine has a strong and pleasant nose highlighting notes of prunes and fig conserves. On the palate there are flavours of hazelnut, honey, small red fruit compote blending in harmoniously with the sweetness and flavour of the starting Carignan juice.

50 cl bottle

Technical Sheet (pdf)

Cartagène 50cl bottle shot
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