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Our philosophy has evolved from our beliefs and experiencing the beautiful environment that our vines grow in

The small village of Montoulieu is nestled in the quiet valley that makes up the northern most parts of the AOP Terrasses du Larzac. Off the beaten path, it's populated with grapevines, trees, cattle and few people. Much of the area can be classified as garrigue, which has sparse growth typically made up of lavender, thyme, white cistus, kermes oak and other trees. The area is filled with wildlife, including the guepier (shown below) which has inspired our label designs

Our goals centre around working in concert with our environment to grow healthy vines that produce high quality fruit... with that in mind, we began our journey to certified organic production in 2020 and look forward to producing fully organic wines starting in 2023!

Pair of European Bee-eaters (Merops apiaster) sitting on a branch, one about to catch a bee in its beak

If you would like to hear what guepier sound like, try this link

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