Our goal is to produce wines that are an expression of their beautiful surroundings - a true taste of terroir. To showcase this, we have a selection of labels, each with their own character

Terrasses du Larzac

The appellation, AOP Terrasses du Larzac, is relatively young, having been established in 2004 as a territory of AOP Languedoc and becoming it's own appellation in 2014. Despite its youth, the area has generated a lot of interest. Writer and journalist Andrew Jefford summed it up best: "If you were to write me out a cheque for a million Euros and tell me to go to find somewhere to make great red wine, I would look most closely of all at Terrasses du Larzac." (2008)

Our current Terrasses du Larzac offering is the 2016 Les Caprices de Bacchus. We describe it as having an intense and spicy nose offering ripe, red fruit and hints of chocolate. On the palate it's rich and round and mouthfeel is supported by flavours of boysenberries and eucalyptus, and it has a supple, savoury finish. This is a generous wine that will accompany red meats and cheese especially well.

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Wine bottle Terre des 2 Sources Domain de la Deveze Monnier Caprices de Bacchus 2016 AOP Terrasses du Larzac


Our Accords range reflects what our winemaker, Kirsten, says are "wines of her imagination." The goal is to put in the bottle the best that our vineyards have to offer, whether that be a single variety or a blend, making up whites, rosés and reds. They are crafted specifically to complement food, and though we make suggestions as to possible matches, everyone's tastes are different and we hope that people will explore and discover what makes a great pairing for them.

These wines are made under the Indications Géographiques Protégées (IGP) Saint Guilhem le Désert system, which allows us freedom to make the wines as we wish, to attain the ultimate in expression.

2018 was a good season for our white grapes and Kirsten used Viognier, Sauvignon blanc and Roussanne in the blend. This has created a pale gold wine with opening aromas of savoury bay leaf, creamy hazelnuts and ripe juicy pear. It has a smooth, mouth-filling palate with complex citrus fruit and oak barrique flavours, leads to a fresh finish which will balance nicely with rich foods like a creamy seafood dish.

Our top 2018 rosé is made from Syrah only and has heady aromas of dried rose petals and citrus peel with underlying notes of creamy yeastiness and some vanilla oak barrique influence. The palate is long with notes of sour cherry, cranberry, candied orange peel and has a dry, fresh finish that would match well with roast duck breast.

The 2018 Accords red is still undergoing maturation and is planned to be released in early 2020.

Technical Sheets (pdfs): White Rosé

Château de la Devèze Monnier

Our Château de la Devèze Monnier is a tribute to the history of our winery and local area. This is crafted under the AOP Languedoc guidelines, as a more traditional expression of local terroir. The regulations specify the varieties that can be used, how they are grown, and in which proportions they can be blended, resulting in a wine reflecting the Languedocian style.

The 2018 white is a blend of Roussanne, Ugni blanc, Vermentino and Viognier which has given the wine complexity, with aromas of white flowers, lime and savoury biscuit. The mouthfeel is generous and rich with fresh acidity. A bold wine best matched with rich food.

In 2018 our Syrah and Grenache grapes lent the rosé intense strawberry and cream aromas, with a full, fresh experience on the palate, showing flavours of cherry and crème brûlée. This is a great apéritif wine, but also matches well with light meals.

Our current AOP Languedoc red wine release is from 2015 and is a good representation of a wine with garrigue influence. It has intense spicy and perfumed aromas with a rich and round mouthfeel. It's flavours are of liquorice and violets, which linger and match well with game and red meat dishes.

Technical Sheets (pdfs): White Rosé Rouge

Wine bottle Terre des 2 Sources Domain de la Deveze Monnier AOP Languedoc blanc 2018, rose 2018, rouge 2015


The Amourettes wines are meant to be fun and light-hearted: refreshing, fruity and flavoursome, they're perfect for family gatherings, picnics and just relaxing with friends.

Our 2018 white impresses with intense exotic fruits on the nose and a refreshing palate that's accompanied by citrus and pineapple notes.

The 2018 rosé's bright colour brings a smile to our faces and promises a flavourful experience. The wine delivers this with strawberry and crème caramel on the nose and roundness on the palate, plus notes of fresh white cherries.

The 2017 red greets you with a nice dark plum colour, fruit and a bit of the garrigue on the nose. Once tasted, its generous structure is complemented with red fruit flavours and a lively finish.

Technical Sheets (pdfs): White Rosé Rouge

Wine bottles Terre des 2 Sources Amourettes blanc 2018, rose 2018, and rouge 2017

Other Wines

Often, we will have a wine that is so exceptional that it deserves its own place in our line-up. At the moment, there are two such notable wines...

Viognier 2018

Viognier has a special relationship with our terroir, resulting in a wine that is an excellent example of its type. Our 2018 IGP Viognier expresses lifted notes of dried apricot, exotic fruits and ripe melon when you approach the glass. It's taste is characterised by refreshing acidity, fruity flavours and a delicious tropical finish. An apéritif style wine made for drinking in a casual setting, preferably with friends!

Technical Sheet (pdf)

Wine bottle Terre des 2 Sources Domain de la Deveze Viognier 2018GPViognier2018TransparentWeb.

Cartagène Ambrée

Cartagène is type of wine known as a mistelle, or vin de liqueur, which is produced by adding alcohol to unfermented grape juice. For our ambrée, the Carignan is picked at the same maturity as for a red wine, but the fruit pressed to produce a rosé coloured juice. Alcohol is added to keep the juice from fermenting and it's aged in tanks for up to two years prior to be bottled.


The wine has a strong and pleasant nose highlighting notes of prunes and fig conserves. On the palate there are flavours of hazelnut, honey, small red fruit compote blending in harmoniously with the sweetness and flavour of the starting Carignan juice.

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Terre des 2 Sources Domaine de la Devèze Cartagene Ambree label, Non Vintage
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