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2019 September 06 - "Making a Point" -----------------------------------------------------

On September 6th, Le Point Magazine published a special report on Languedoc wines, choosing to include our Château de la Devèze Monnier Blanc 2018 (AOP Languedoc).


White wines have a special place in our hearts, and here in our little valley. Our higher elevation, in combination with weather influenced by the Cévennes mountains, means our vines and their fruit spend the nights being a little colder, which helps to retain acidity, which is an important part of being able to create elegant and balanced wines.

Utilising four (Roussanne, Ugni blanc, Vermentino and Viognier) varieties from different parcels and by putting about 20% of the blend in old oak barrels, Kirsten, our winemaker, was able to create a wine of interest and distinction.

Le Point's tasting notes describe the wine as having a nose slightly candied and with yellow peach, citrusy and lemon notes, and a smooth, fine round and harmonious palate with a spicy finish.⁠

As with most of our other wines, the best this wine has to offer can be discovered by judicious food pairing. We suggest matching it with creamy fish-based dishes or a dessert!

Wine bottle Terre des 2 Sources Domain de la Deveze Monnier AOP Languedoc blanc 2018

2019 June 19 - "A Star is Born!" --------------------------------------------------------------

We are very proud that our 2018 AOP Languedoc Chateau La Deveze Monnier Rosé has won a Star in the 2020 Guide Hachette des Vins!

Not your typical rosé, as noted by the judges: "A rosé off the beaten track, generous, balanced, which fully assumes its colour and its roundness." (translated quote)

The wine follows in the footsteps of it's 2017 sister, which received a mention in the Guide, but in 2018 the wine was made with Syrah and Grenache, and with slightly different methods, leading to its prominent and cheerful soft pink colour and perfectly matched nose of intense strawberry and cream aromas. This is followed by a mouthfeel that is full and fresh with flavours of cherries and crème brûlée.

As with all of Terre des 2 Sources Château de la Devèze Monnier wines, it's happiest when paired with food - we suggest trying it with veal cordon bleu and roasted root vegetables, paella or risotto, but be sure to try something on your own!

Wine bottle Terre des 2 Sources Domain de la Deveze Monnier AOP Languedoc rose 2018
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